Krafts With Kare is a home based business in Wasilla, Alaska, dedicated to making products that mothers, fathers, babies and grandparents love! Operation began in 1993, when Laura Pinnick, a stay-at-home mom, realized the need for high quality and affordable baby items and gifts. These items and gifts are special in that each and every item is made with a special touch . Love, softness, and comfort for that certain special bundle of love (whether it is a girl, boy, or even twins)!

The following baby items are created by Krafts With Kare:

Seven Piece Set
Novelty Fleece Bundle-up
Cloth Beginner Books
Minky Blankets
Washcloths & Burper Sets
Boppy Cover Sets
Fleece/Flannel Blankets
Cloth Covered Diaper Wipe Cases



Newborn Hats
Fleece Hats/Berets/Hat Mitt Set 
Padded Ring Slings Slings
Car Seat Covers
Nursing Blankets
Summer Hats





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